Insulin Pump Beginnings

A New Beginning With An Insulin Pump System

It’s a bit scary to begin insulin pump therapy, but as either a type 1 or 2 diabetic, it certainly helps when used right.
In May of this year, I began on a new insulin pump. It was prescribed to me because both the pills and insulin pens were not really working out to help control my diabetes.
The pump, called Omnipod Dash, is a square type of pod. You ware the pod for a max of 72 hours (depending on insulin usage.)
The system comes with a Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) which is a controller device.
The device looks like a modified phone, but is not a phone. Instead, it runs a cut-down version of the Android OS. The controller, which has a touch-screen and allows those with sight to control the pod, allows one to bolus for meal type insulin, check the basal rate, carbs, etc.
Every 72 hours or so, the pod is to be changed. The PDM and pod both let you know through beeping tones. The pod has round tape which is apart of the device. You simply stick the tape onto either your arm, stomach, or lower back.
Insulin is filled with an insulin pen and insulin syringe, and the pod itself can hold up to 200 units.
Since starting the system, sugar’s have slowly gotten under control which in a diabetic, means better control of diabetes. The system has allowed me to live a better life without worrying about pens getting stuck or forgetting insulin needles.
I am to be starting on the newer system, called Omnipod 5, on October 27th. I am so glad that I was willing to make the change to an insulin pump.
I will try to write more later. For now, stay safe and take care.