What An An Awesome Birthday

Good Evening, All!

As my 39th birthday comes to a close, it has been an awesome day thus far.

What All Did I Get As Birthday Presents?

  • A $50 Apple giftcard
  • A $15 Walmart and a $15 Apple giftcard
  • 2 bags of chips (1 bag of Chili Cheese Fritos, and 1 bag of honey BBQ Fritos.)
  • A 128GB flash drive
  • 2 (20 oz) bottles coke; 1 is Dream Flavored, the other is Cherry coke.
  • 2 boxes of M&M’s (both are peanut M&M’s.)
  • 2 boxes of Whoppers
  • My wife contributed to the majority of the gifts, while my mother in-law and brother in-law got the first Apple gift card for me.
    All and all, a good day was had. We had Rainbow Sherbet, pizza, and a Miami Marlins cake.
    We shall see how the age of 40 turns out.