I Can’t Believe It

It’s Coming Up: 39 Years Old – I can’t Believe It

I can’t believe it, I’ll be 39 ears old come October 2. So much as happened this year, that I don’t keep track of my age.

What Am I Doing For My 39th Birthday?

Honestly, I don’t know yet. I think my wife has stuff planned, but i’m not sure what.
A friend of ours might be taking all of us to dinner on my birthday, so hopefully it will be good.
I just hope that it won’t rain or snow, although I doubt that snow would ever occur in October.

What Do I Want For My Birthday?

One simple answer: Nothing.
Although iTunes/Apple gift cards would be nice, so I can update my music and movie collections. Currently I only have one Santana album and one unknown country album, quite sad.
I’d like to get some new DVS movies, but I don’t know quite yet what I’d get.
I will write more after my birthday.
Stay safe, and take care.