PHP Coding Project

Howdy! Hope everyone had a good fourth of July, for those who celebrate it.
My fourth wasn’t to bad, the usual hotdogs and hamburgers were had. So all and all, not a bad fourth of July.

Time To Recode

During the holidays, I thought of 2 things:

    What to work on PHP wise
    How to achieve my goal of finishing it

What To Work On PHP Wise

For years, I had a PHP script to enable the display of things like:

    Browser Version/Name
    Visiter IP address
    The Time

This was coded to work with PHP 5 and PHP 7. But let’s get with the program, folks — These 2 versions of PHP aren’t supported in many environments nor hosting platforms any more, if at all.
The fix? Code for PHP 8.1.

How To Achieve My Goal For Finishing My Code

I figure I can try to work on a couple of pieces of code a day. Mark where I am with C-style based comments, or use born again shell based comments.
Either way, mark where I left off that day with whatever comment style I choose and then continue on the next day.
Hopefully I’ll be able to recode my script and it shouldn’t have many, if not any, issues with the newer PHP 8 system.